jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009


Bueno, ya que tenemos la gala de los Oscar reciente, ahí va uno de premiados. Espero que os guste el desencuadre.

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  1. Hi Benjaminlois
    Hope your well.
    Kirk is one of my favourite actors.
    You have captured his character very well.
    You are a master.

  2. thank you Stephen! you always the first in writing!! thank you for that.
    and thank you Trevor toofor visiting and writing. really very glad for your words.you are very kind... iam not a master, just an apprentice!

  3. Benjaminlois, Interesting how Oscar and Kirk echo each others pose in this piece. Nice abstract shapes and choice of background patterns. The simplicity of this composition makes it very effective IMO.

  4. Se ve bastante bueno el dibujo!!

  5. thank you Candace for visiting again and writing. i really like when you commet on my work.
    y gracias tambien a ti Natika por escribir.

  6. Brilliant, Benjaminlois! I really like the way you composed it.

  7. thank you Edward!! iam very happy you like it. i think that way makes the draw more dinamic.